7 Exhibitions You Shouldn’t Miss This April


New York City life can be hectic as hell. There’s the morning subway battle, the longer than usual work days, and then when we do finally have some free time, we often forget to take advantage of the many cultural events that our great town has to offer. But April (just like most other months) is packed with a diverse range of exhibitions that aren’t to be missed. Included in the mix this time around is a retrospective of Irving Penn’s nearly 70-year career, a women-only show drawn from the MoMA’s extensive archive of post-World War II feminist art, an exhibit of body adornment-come-sculpture from the likes of Louise Bourgeois, a dual-exhibit highlighting the relationship between artist Joan Miró and sculptor Alexander Calder, a mesmerizing visual journey through India with photographer Karen Knorr, and a look back at the creatively explosive era of the 1920’s Jazz Age.


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