Meet Alexia Elkaim And Her Denim Called Miaou


Former CR intern Alexia Elkaim has launched her first clothing label called Miaou. As the step-daughter of Joie’s founder Serge Azria, the now Insta-famous Elkaim has had a bi-continental upbringing that spanned both the L.A. and Paris fashion scenes. Currently based in New York, Elkaim dabbles in everything from photography to casting major talent, but her foremost passion has always been for vintage shopping.

Combining that love and and her solid fashion roots, Miaou has arrived with what it calls a single pair of jeans and a lookbook that’s been cast with Elkaim’s rather attractive girl squad. Carlotta Kohl, Laura Love, Atlanta De Cadenet, and—our favorite—Gray Sorrenti posed in Miaou’s mysteriously flattering denim. “I have been working on the pattern for over a year now; they fit all body types immaculately—which was something that was really important to me,” Elkaim says. “I shot with my favorite Miaou Girls—all with their own flare, style and shape and size. It’s interesting, to me, to put the same pair of jeans on each girl, and see how differently they can be worn.”

Along with its vintage quality, the brand has another important ethos; The fits-anyone denim style is a metaphor for the “sisterhood” that Miaou invites you to be a part of. “They hug every woman the same; all shapes and sizes are included,” the brand’s bio reads. Alexia herself admits to difficulty dressing her curves. Some of those vintage finds won’t fit the woman of today.

For now, Miaou exists with just one stellar pair of jeans, but we have been promised more vintage-inspired finds on the horizon. Alexia pegs herself as more of a dress girl, so that’s our best bet on Miaou delivery number two.

Scroll through to see the full look book, and stay tuned for the brand’s official website launch at


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