CR’S Class of 2017


Eleven weeks into the new year and the reality of life in 2017 is starting to settle in. The initial shock of November’s US Presidential election outcome has dispersed and the punitive consequences of Donald Trumps divisive actions are starting to take effect. While it’s easy to be disheartened, it’s important to keep pushing the for the issues that matter the most. For the fashion industry, this means committing to employing and telling the story of a truly diverse mix of people—which at CR, is something we’ve always strived to do.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce a group of 15 talented up-and-coming singers, mold-breaking artists, and young models that we’re proud to celebrate and work with this year—all of whom remind us that it’s our differences as human beings that keeps things interesting.

Here, get to know each rising star and see how they styled themselves for a portrait with photographer Eric Chakeen.

Fashion by Ron Hartleben; Makeup by Grace Ahn; Hair by David Colvin


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