Who Runs the World? Girls.


Beirut-based company, Sarah’s Bag is using fashion to empower women in a meaningful way. The brand’s mission for the past seventeen years has been to protect marginalized women in Lebanon by employing them; a team of impoverished and imprisoned female artisans in Beirut does all of its production. Throughout company history, some of the brand’s female prisoner employees have used their income to overturn wrongful convictions, while many others have been lifted out of poverty. It’s a potentially life-saving opportunity for disenfranchised women who are particularly vulnerable.

Currently, Lebanon’s problems are compounded by a refugee crisis because of the civil war in neighboring Syria. At the moment, there are an estimated two million refugees stranded in the country. The horrific civil war in Syria has made millions of women homeless, congruent with many women also feeling under attack in the west. In a tribute to girl power and to offer those effected an opportunity to earn an income, Sarah’s Bag has released a capsule collection made entirely by female Syrian refugees who have found their way to Beirut.

Emblazoned with slogans inspired by the Women’s March in February, the collection of clutches borrows its title from Beyonce’s famous song, “Who Runs The World?” and features embroidered slogans like “Women First” and “Women of the World Unite.” The established team of female Lebanese artisans trained the Syrian women who made the bags. Women uplifting other women is concept we can always get behind—and it doesn’t hurt that the clutches are chic and fun to boot


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