Louis Vuitton’s New Customization Service Will Set You Back Precisely $0


Louis Vuitton is inviting customers to deface its bags—sort of. The French luxury house has unveiled a new personalization service and an accompanying campaign, titled Make It Yours. This new initiative allows customers to place stickers and patches wherever they please on a number of leather goods purchases. Those looking for a more old-school look will likely favor those stamps which mimic LV’s legendary heritage travel stickers from its bygone trunk era.

By leaving it to the customer to style a recently purchased handbag or accessory, the brand is hoping that some of its more classic pieces will start to appeal to a younger generation of LV customers.

Patches are complimentary with the purchase of the following Louis Vuitton styles: The Neverfull MM tote, Speedy Bandouliere 30 handbag, Zippy wallet, Horizon 55 luggage, Keepall Bandouliere 50 duffle, and the Victorine wallet.

LV’s Make It Yours service is available in the house’s flagship stores worldwide.


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