It’s Donatella Versace’s Birthday Today


Today is Donatella Versace’s birthday; at 64 she is the epitome of the modern woman, remaining relevant for over 40 years after starting in the fashion industry. Her brother, Gianni, made their family’s namesake label the driving force of fashion in the ’80s and ’90s. Following his murder in 1997, the house was floundering creatively and financially. She brought the Versace empire back from the brink of collapse, and in 2014 the house opened 40 stores and reported record profits.

Most impressive of all, she is one of the few major figures in fashion that has a reputation for kindness, and warmth. Her resiliency and authenticity are what resonate with people most. In a 2016 interview with Now Fashion when asked if it was difficult being Donatella Versace, she responded, “I’m myself. Difficult is trying to be something you’re not. To be truthful and authentic with yourself is the most important thing.”

What people forget about the BDSM trappings and loud gold accents synonymous with Versace is that at the time they were introduced in the early nineties, they were considered obscene. But Versace did not falter, and like her late brother, Donatella remains resolute in her creative vision. Into the 21st century she has maintained, but modernized, her brother’s aesthetic signature. Her imprint on Versace has made it a resounding success, and we hope that she will continue at the helm for a long time to come.

We’ll leave you with some wise words about strength, from one of fashion’s strongest kindest women: “Being strong doesn’t mean being invulnerable. Even a strong woman has her weaknesses but that doesn’t make her weak, it makes her human. Being a strong woman for me means to play the game following the rules, pushing the limits and breaking down barriers, overcoming weaknesses and fighting for what you believe in.”


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