A Letter From Anna Cleveland


The only information revealed from the sixth issue of CR Fashion Book is our jolie laide theme and one of its leading characters, model Anna Cleveland. Here, the daughter of the legendary model Pat Cleveland writes of her journey through fashion from her first French Vogue editorial until her most recent shoot with CR Fashion Book.

“I remember my first editorial. It was with CR [Carine Roitfeld] for French Vogue, at 11 or 12 years old. I was, at the time, the youngest girl ever to pose for a 13-page story. At that age I thought that I was ready to conquer the world and my dreams; flying to Paris for a fashion shoot was just a part of that fantasy. I thought that I was all grown up and tough. In reality, I was far from it at that time.

Looking back on that shooting day, with that image of strength in mind, I became just that—all that I wanted to be. And that’s what brought me back for more. Because shooting is about becoming everything that people desire you to be: molding, becoming an interpreter for their vision.

My mom had told me that, one day when I’m ready, I will find a “fashion family.” An “entourage” that flows on the same synergy, to have the best experiences of creation in the magical fashion world.Here we are 11 years later. After finishing school I have landed in Paris: the city of alta moda, and couture, ready to find that group of artists to work with.

It was my first time in Paris, on my own, and CR Fashion Book calls me! Things have a way of falling into place. I’m so happy that I can be with this artistic fashion forward group.

I like to call everyone that I encounter on the same wave length a ‘fashion family.’ Just like my mother had one with Karl Lagerfield, Yves Saint Laurent, Antonio Lopez, and Andy Warhol. Now I’m finally seeing my group fall into place. It’s the best thing to be surrounded by so many people that have such large input in the fashion world, and to absorb every minute of it, like a sponge, with delight, giving everything you can in the moment to create an image of art.

Fashion is a way of life. Clothing can make you feel a certain way, and all I want is to give people that feeling. I am very proud to be part of this world.”— Anna Cleveland


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