​Vetements‘ Demna Gvasalia is an Iconoclast​​


Demna Gvasalia, Vetements founder and head designer:

Eccentricity has always been a driving force of fashion. There’s so much that can make us dream, but that way of thinking is coming to an end because not everyone wants to shock and impress. People want what’s real. We don’t create clothing that belongs in a museum. That doesn’t mean that it’s boring or commercial—it means that it’s more relatable to whoever’s wearing it.

At Vetements, we don’t try to create new garments. Our focus is on giving new context to existing pieces that everyone is already aware of. We research, analyze, and question everything, and sometimes these questions lead to a new way of looking at something that’s familiar. We’re inspired by the authenticity of the clothes themselves.

Authentic clothing is a part of my life because we didn’t have fashion in Georgia. Growing up in a Soviet environment, I didn’t know much about music or art. I had the chance to discover all of this at the same time once I moved to Belgium. Europe had a more defined youth culture, but, to me, it was abstract.

Every season I come back to what I think to be the ultimate brand: Gap. T-shirts, hoodies, chinos…this is more influential to me than some conceptual design idea. I always go back to this period before brands tried to mimic fashion, which is exactly what they should not do.


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