Gucci’s Soulful New Pre-Fall Campaign


Gucci has the whole eccentric thing down, but who knew it had soul? The Italian brand’s newly-released Pre Fall campaign, entitled “Soul Scene,” was heavily inspired by the work of renowned Malian photographer Malick Sidibe (a name often invoked by fashion designers), who captured the dynamic youth culture of West Africa in the 1960s. In the spirit of Sidibe’s documentary photography, Gucci and their go-to lensman Glen Luchford recreated the atmosphere of a heady dance hall party featuring an all-black cast of models and dancers.

As a fashion label that has infamously earned “two thumbs down for diversity” in the past, according to influential casting director James Scully, these ads suggest a new era of inclusivity for Gucci, which had some major catching up to do after its recent Fall 2017 show, in which 100 out of the 119 look were worn by white models. Back in January, Gucci teased its audition for this campaign with a series of nine Instagram videos asking the street-cast talent (they worked with Rachel Chandler’s new agency Midland) questions like, “What’s your spirit animal?”

The authentic cast brings Gucci’s characteristically opulent clothing to life. Break dancers drop into splits wearing leather track suits and platform sneakers. A beautiful girl decked out in a luxe fur and long acrylic nails sits in the corner sipping soda with an iguana draped around her shoulder. Club kids pose against a graphic black-and-white tiled floor, echoing Sidibe’s signature portraiture. The raw energy of the campaign almost convinces you the scene is real instead of staged. But all things considered, the new ads were a well-executed step in the right direction, and a whole lot of fun.


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