Vogueing With Leiomy Maldonado


Madonna might have brought „strike-a-pose“ to the mainstream, but it was Jennie Livingston’s landmark documentary Paris is Burning, that painted a truly legendary portrait of the 1980s ‘vogueing’ dance scene.

The cult film traces drag queens Pepper LeBeija, Willi Ninja, and more as they fiercely flex their ways through a number of Harlem ballrooms in pose-by-pose dance offs. The competitions back then were both an escape from the issues that faced many members of New York’s LGBTQ community and a celebration of excess—sequins, power shoulders, and platform heels included.

Since its release, Paris is Burning has inspired countless aspiring documentary filmmakers and choreographers, including the star of our latest fashion short, Leiomy Maldonado. Leiomy is a modern-day belle of the ball, Vogue Queen, and dancer extraordinaire—and that’s exactly why we decided to ask her to model eight of our favorite looks for Summer 2016 whilst showing off her very best moves for director, Julian Kapadia.

As a sidenote to anyone who has ever complained about walking in heels: Leiomy danced for six hours straight in stilettos in order for us to capture the perfect shots.


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