Gabrielle Chanel’s Rebel Manifesto


Chanel has released an inspirational film celebrating how its founder fought to make female empowerment a reality for herself and all women.

Centered around an undated quote Coco is stated to have said („I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am“), the rousing short is titled Gabrielle, A Rebel at Heart, and is the first in a series of year-long drops from Chanel to fete its daring originator who established the house exactly 108 years ago.

In the 90-second short, the film’s female narrator describes how Gabrielle Chanel’s ability to „choose, desire, and be“ allowed her to hone her rebellious nature into an art form, before outlining how the inability to adapt is what stands between preordained fate and being the proprietor of one’s own destiny: „Do not let fate control the outcome,“ the narrator warns. „Leave the past behind and let instinct be your guide. Desire the unthinkable: Independence. Dare, invent, create, and—just as young Gabrielle did—let passion inspire you.“

Following the film’s release today, the next item on Chanel’s ‚Year of Gabrielle‘ agenda is a handbag campaign featuring Pharrell Williams, Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevigne, and Caroline de Magret. Due to be unveiled in April, the ads were photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and are devoted to the Gabrielle handbag, which made its runway debut last year in Paris for Spring 2017. After that, a fragrance of the same name is expected to launch at some point during Fall. The scent is officially titled Gabrielle Chanel, is an eau de parfum, and is said to celebrate the same empowering spirit of the above, though-provoking film.

Watch „Gabrielle, A Rebel at Heart“ in full above.


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