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During our regularly held casting sessions, in walks Dylan Jagger Lee, the son of Baywatch actress and animal activist, Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer, Tommy Lee. The 19 year-old model/surfer was scouted by Hedi Slimane last summer, and now he has a freshly signed contract with Next Management in New York. Despite his Malibu background, Lee and his brother spent 5 years away at boarding school in Canada, which he says helped him to get a good head on his shoulders, and the kind of thick skin you’d need to go the modeling route. “That really grounded me and made me realize that I’m not just some celebrity offspring,” he recalls, “It’s nice to be somewhat of a normal kid.” Here, Lee tells us about his start at Saint Laurent, life with a famous mom and dad, and what’s to come:

What was your childhood like?“It was great because it gave me a drive to achieve the kind of success my parents have. I don’t want to be the kid who wasn’t able to follow in their footsteps, so my upbringing has given me motivation to work extra hard to reach my goals. Sometimes it can feel like you’re in the background and only known as so and so’s son, but my parents instilled me with a strong sense of self, so I know I can make my own mark.”

Growing up, were you aware of your parents’ fame?“Not really. I was pretty clueless to all of it until I was about 10 or 12, but even then, my parents were just mom and dad to me.”

When did you get your big break?“The first ever shoot I did was for Saint Laurent. It literally just happened to me and I signed to an agency on the same day. I had no idea who Hedi Slimane was when he requested me for the shoot, but I went with my mom to meet him anyway. I was so nervous, but my mom found it all hilarious because she know what was up. The shoot itself was crazy. I had water poured all over me and I remember being surprised that I was asked to take my shirt off. From then on, it’s all just blown up for me.”

Did you have any aspirations to be a model before Hedi approached you?“Not really. I knew that my mom had been modeling and acting forever, but I never used to care about fashion. Growing up, I would wear swim shorts all day and surf. For the first couple of photoshoots, I was pretty camera shy because modeling wasn’t really my thing. Now it all feels much more natural and I just try to approach every job as an opportunity to have a good time.”

What are your career goals?“My real goal in life is music, so as often as I can, I head to the studio in the hopes of becoming a better producer. My dad has been in music his entire life, so it was bound to effect me in some way I guess. I’ve toured with him before, but my own sound is something very different.”

Are your parents supportive of your new career?“Yes, they just want me to pursue whatever I’m passionate about and I’m feel really grateful for that and to have the kind of opportunities that I do.”

What would people be most surprised to know about you?“Last summer, I interned at a stockbroker’s firm in Wall Street for a month. I took physics and AP calculus in high school because I thought that I wanted to go into biosciences, but after my internship I realized that I prefer the entertainment industry.”

How would you describe your personal style?“All over the place! My everyday go-to is a simple ripped tee and Chelsea boots, but I also love to dress up and wear Tom Ford suits.”

What are your hobbies?“In my downtime I love to surf and hang out at the beach. Surfing has always been my thing and when I’m away, I really miss the ocean in Malibu. I haven’t played a video game in about three years and I don’t ever watch TV. People always want to know, but the answer is no, I’ve never seen Baywatch.”

Have your parents given you any career advice?“Just to be myself and to let things happen naturally. It’s good advice that I try to live by it and always to keep things real.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?“I see myself on a stage performing music. That’s what I really want to do in life: perform at festivals and be in huge fashion editorials. I hope that my modeling and music career can evolve hand-in-hand.”

What’s next?“I’ve got a few shoots coming up that I’m not sure that I can talk about yet. Music-wise: I’m enrolling in a music production school called Icon Collective in April which I’m really excited about. Watch this space!”


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