The Pregnant Closet


There are an infinite amount of plans to make for pregnancy, but for Evelien Joos her wardrobe was not of concern. Rather than swapping Miu Miu for moomoos, CR‘s casting director was firm to keep her style as her as possible. Here, with husband and photographer Sloan Laurits, the two showcase their personal style à la parenthood.

“I will always go for a Balenciaga sweater. I love what’s happening with this brand—I’m a big fan! I usually buy my clothes a size bigger anyway, which is a good thing now as I can wear them pregnant or not.”

“My husband and I started writing in the notebook when I found out I was pregnant. We also put in photos every time we visit the doctor. It’s all written to her—we’re telling her what’s going on in our life! I write in Flemish and Sloan does so in English.”

“Sloan bought me a pair of Blind jeans a few months ago, and they were way too big. Blind is an old school skate brand, apparently, and all these skate kids now come up to me to tell me how much they love the brand. The jeans fit me perfectly pregnant.”

“This Balenciaga jacket is replacing the old leather perfecto that I’ve had for years. The good thing about this one is that it zips open from the bottom, so my belly still fits!”

“My mom found all my old baby clothes, and it turns out she saved a lot. I can’t believe how she was able to keep all this stuff for over 30 years!”

“I love a good sweater. Rather than spending my money on shoes (since I wear sneakers all the time), I buy a few great ones during the winter sales. I love walking and try to still do so as much as I can. A good sneaker works a long way.”

“I love a good normcore look. A champion sweater is key to your wardrobe.”



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