Mario Testino’s Niece Marina Makes a Name for Herself with New Fashion Brand


There’s a new Testino in town? Marina Testino, niece of legendary photographer Mario, is pursuing a fashion career of her own. After graduating from Parsons in May and signing with The Society Management’s “creatives” division, the ambitious 22-year-old is debuting a clothing line cleverly named Point Off View, which launches tonight with an event at Andy Warhol’s former Factory space in New York City.

Testino aims to fuse fashion and art through a series of collaborative capsules (all crafted by Peruvian artisans) spotlighting different talents. Her first drop, Edition 0, includes everyday staples like denim jackets and button-ups emblazoned with attention-grabbing phrases intended to spark conversation―both in person and on social media. The sleeve of one army jacket claims, “I’m single depending on who asks,” while a crisp shirt collar demands, “What are you looking at.”

Here, CR spoke with Testino about the philosophy behind POV, her famous uncle, and more.

What does the phrase “Point Off View” mean to you?

“I grew up living in different places and traveling all over. It was amazing, but it was also hard to fit into in a new culture. Sometimes it felt like my perspective wasoff,” but that was also what was challenging and exciting―the opportunity to know who you are and what is yours, even when the environment was changing. the name of the brand is a celebration of what it is to be different, and I think that is really important today.”

Tell us about the cheeky statements on the clothing.

“I wanted to explore the unsaid thoughts of women in today’s restricted society. I think everyone is a little bit shy, but we all crave recognition for what is uniquely our own. So it’s constantly a tug-of-war between wanting to stay hidden but needing to be seen and understood. The cheeky statements on the clothing are meant to be provocative. They can catch you off-balance and invite an exchange that might be unexpected. In that moment there is an opportunity to be real and vulnerable, but also daring and confident.”

What advice did your uncle give you?

“During the summer I spent a few days with [him] in Spain. Although we weren’t able to shoot the clothing because it was being produced, he gave me ideas for the whole content creation process. He told me try to keep it simple, fun and young, and not try to be so elaborate. And that’s what I did!”

Why was it important for you to produce the collection with Peruvian artisans?

“Peru is a little known treasure. I am half Peruvian and the country has really influenced my palate over the years―and not just the food, which I highly recommend! There is something colorful, bursting, and generous about Peruvian culture, part of which I hope has been woven into the pieces I am making. And the workmanship, textiles, and dying techniques are top-of-the-line by any standards, so it made a lot of sense.”

Point Off View‘s debut collection is now available online.


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