The 7 Best Things That Happened at Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Show


Over the course of any fashion week, there are always a few shows mentally flagged as ones that will be particularly entertaining. It’s not to say that the simple presentation format isn’t great, because it is—it allows you to see the collections up close. But there’s still something magical about a fashion spectacle. Since the launch of Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma line in 2016, it’s been on that shortlist, and last night didn’t disappoint. A lot went down, so we thought we’d round up the best moments of the night.

1. Motocross drivers opened the show.

Yes, you read that correctly. Right as the show was about to start, the audience heard loud rumblings backstage, only to find that the noise was coming from three motorcycles. They sped out into the crowd and performed 360 degree flips, and we all lost our minds. Here’s one of the death-defying stunts…

2. The casting was incredible.

The newly-appointed Fenty Beauty model Slick Woods opened the show, and Adwoa Aboah, Joan Smalls, Duckie Thot, Selena Forrest, and many more followed in the supremely cool lineup.

3. The collection was a sportswear remix.

As expected, sporty streetwear was the vibe, but the clothing played around with the themes of motocross and surfing, in particular. Biker shorts, track pants, scuba suits, and anoraks came down the runway with utilitarian-but-luxe details like zippers and straps. We want it all.

4. We saw Rihanna’s next favorite pair of boots.

When a pair of thigh-high, chunky-heeled boots came down the runway, it was obvious that Rihanna would be wearing them on a regular basis in no time.

5. Fenty Beauty highlighter stood its ground.

During big shows in big venues, the hair and makeup is sometimes overlooked when senses are working in overdrive to take everything in. There are only so many things you can notice at once! But the models sported dramatic Fenty Beauty highlighter that could be seen from the back of the house, and it looked so good. Check it out on Taylor Hill below.

6. Hoops are back.

Oversized hoop earrings have been trending as of late, but Rihanna put a yin-yang twist on some of hers in an unexpected detail you might’ve not noticed until looking at cropped images after the show.

7. Rihanna zoomed out on a bike.

Why walk the runway when you can ride? Rihanna closed the show on the back of one of the motocross driver’s bikes, and it was as epic as it sounds.


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