Meet Colovos Ahead of Their NYFW Runway Debut


Colovos may be a new brand name, but the designers behind it—married couple Michael and Nicole Colovos—are veterans of the fashion industry. Their first brand (the denim label Habitual) led them to acclaim in New York. Soon after, they lead the re-launch of Helmut Lang as co-creative directors. “We learned a lot from that experience,” Michael explained of their time there. “We came in from the sort of opening ground after changes had been made there. But we were part of something that grew, and it was really interesting to see something of that scale.”

Now on their own again, the duo is building the Colovos label steadily, focusing on production and showing for the first time on the runway at New York Fashion Week. “I think we’re ready to take the brand to another level, which is part of the reason for doing a show,” said Nicole. “It just feels like the right time to maybe show people a little bit more of who we are, as a brand. I think having a show allows that process in a more impactful way.”

Though the couple was somewhat tight-lipped as to what would be coming down the runway sartorially, they knew what they wanted from their models: attitude and diversity. “For us it’s always a matter of the girl wearing the clothes, as opposed to the clothes wearing the girl,” Nicole mused. “I think that that’s really what we’re looking for a lot of the time when we’re casting, is someone when they put the clothing on, they feel instantly comfortable.”

“It’s always good to show on a full range of girls,” said Michael, also commenting on the decision to move things to the runway. “We get to show a little bit more of who we are. We’re creating a space, there’s music that we have, the way that we make the girls up—we can really articulate and present it in a way that is true to our brand.”

“I think we’re ready to take the brand to another level,” Nicole added. “We’ve been growing very slowly, organically. The distribution is slowly getting bigger and bigger. We’re branching out to more international sales. So it just feels like the right time to show people a little bit more of who we are, as a brand.” Suffice to say, it will be interesting to see the Colovos world on show day.

Colovos will present at New York Fashion week on Monday September 11.


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