On a Brighter Note


On a not-so sunny Monday morning in Paris, we were woken up to a series of bright plaids that opened Stella McCartney’s show. You might say that her cheerful Spring 2016 collection turned those grey skies blue.

The venue’s lighting seem to cast faux rays of L.A. sunshine on the models faces (the makeup was signature Stella fresh). They walked to upbeat hip hop songs with lyrics mentioning the purchase of a new car (as many hip hop songs often do). The McCartney girl, with her confident air about her, isn’t about the sex appeal in her modest-cut suiting and lengthier dresses. This is a wardrobe for a high-powered woman who will always opt for originality over traditional pieces. And if she did just turn up in a new car, she paid for it herself.

The collection started on a sporty note with plaid polo dresses and skirts, monochromatic for the most part, that were sometimes mixed with stripes. Next came a series of asymmetrical pleated dresses and separates offered up in a wide range of colors that seemed gradient-like from the way the pleats layed. McCartney’s popular denim overalls were replaced by two-piece, but all denim looks. One of the collection’s strongest looks was a black strapless top tunic only allowing for one armhole. Despite the obvious range-of-motion issues for the wearer, it was incredibly chic. This is the sort of thing that reminds us of how the British designer has always mastered proportions made to flatter.

The final looks were a fearless mix of mesh and not much fabric that came in a choice between primary or neutral. These had a certain “Havana Nights” feeling to them…for when the always hustling Stella girl might need a vacation.


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