Watch Chanel’s Resurrection of the Eiffel Tower


Only Karl Lagerfeld would be able to knock off one of the world’s most iconic landmarks and pull it off. Yesterday, underneath the domed roof of Paris’ Grand Palais, the designer masterminded the construction of a 38-meter reproduction of the Eiffel Tower at the center of Chanel’s Fall 2017 Haute Couture show.

As majestic in reproduction as it is in real-life, Karl’s La Tour Eiffel served as a reminder that the French capital will always have the house of Chanel’s heart. Steeped in history as the monument may be, however, the looks that appeared on the runway were entirely contemporary. “It’s a vision of a revived Parisian woman,” Lagerfeld said in a statement following the show. “It is all about cut, shapes, silhouettes. The line is very delineated and graphic, it’s very modern.”

Here, watch the full show unfold below.


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