Louis Vuitton and Supreme Confirm the Location of a First Pop-Up


Louis Vuitton and Supreme had big plans to fête their highly sought after collaboration with a four-day launch party near Supreme’s flagship store in Manhattan. But the community board unanimously rejected the ambitions event amid fears of streetwear fans camping out overnight and lining up around the block. Understandably so, as this does promise to be the mother of all designer collaborations, with Vuitton logos at the ready for a fraction of the price. So where are they headed? All the way to the land down under: Australia’s Bondi Beach.

The unexpected locale will be open for business from tomorrow at 10 A.M. local time throughout July 13th. In a recent Instagram post, Louis Vuitton confirmed the exact pop-up location to be 92, Roscoe Street. The house also let on that more pop-up stores will open in Miami and Los Angeles, as well as over the next few months in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, and London—but made no mention of good old New York.

The buzziest streetwear collab of all-time will include a range of clothing, accessories, leather goods, and jewelry, that are all dipped in box Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram print and Supreme’s eye-catching red and white graphics. We have been meaning to visit the Great Barrier Reef…


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