Courrèges Builds a Dream Wardrobe


The former Coperni duo Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant preceded their first show as creative directors for the house of Courrèges with a speech about a new direction, but it proved unnecessary—the crowd got the message.

Against a white screen that showed a rotating montage of individual jackets, the first series of models entered the runway wearing nothing but said jackets over ribbed bodysuits. Then the ribbed bodysuits were paired only with skirts, then pants, then dresses, then vests, and so on. It wasn’t until the finale that models wore complete looks.

This smart approach speaks to the new building blocks that the duo will use to start a new foundation at Courrèges. It’s also a statement about the reality of modern dressing. At Courrèges, authentic style doesn’t have to come in the form of a “full look.”

This presentation couldn’t have been this effective if it weren’t for the fact that each piece stood strong on its own. The range of jackets that came first were thrilling—and a range it was indeed. There was everything from neutral suede to silver metallic, and one taped with playful circular shapes serving as a nod to the original codes of the house. If we were offered one of each, we’d gladly accept.

Wide leg pants and loose suede shirts, and sequin dresses and tops were all mixed with understated, but very cool bags and shoes—nothing matched too well, but it all fit together like a chic puzzle. Meyer and Vaillant left no stoned unturned. Come spring, the Courrèges girl will have a full wardrobe to play around with. This new Courrèges-wearer might be young, but she’s sophisticated and smart. As we all question the future of ready-to-wear, it’s clear that Meyer and Vaillant have a lot of the answers.


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