Raf Simons and Calvin Klein Collaborate with The XX on a Music Video


Calvin Klein has announced that chief creative officer, Raf Simons has teamed up with The XX on a new music video for the band’s latest song, “I Dare You.” Simons was behind the video’s creative concept and direction and tapped artist, Alasdair McLellan to serve as videographer and photographer for the film’s accompanying stills.

The video was staged at two different Los Angeles houses designed by major American architects: Lloyd Wright’s Sowden House and John Lautner’s Rainbow House, both of which are iconic landmarks in the West Coast city. Simons placed familiar Calvin Klein faces in key roles throughout the clip; Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown and Moonlight’s Ashton Sanders appear in the video and in current campaigns for the house’s By Appointment and Underwear lines respectively. CR 10 cover girl, Paris Jackson also scored a role, as did lesser-known models Lulu and Ernesto Cervantes.

This video is The XX’s third collaboration with McLellan, who also operated the camera for songs, “Hold On” and “Say Something Loving.” Simons, a longtime fan of the band, reportedly felt a connection between the two previous videos and his own minimal aesthetic aesthetic.

Debuting on The XX’s YouTube channel today, the dreamy clips follows the young cast dressed in Simons’ latest CK collection as they dare one another to skip school and break into haunted houses. The final effect is a hauntingly beautiful portrayal of young love and despair.


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