The Muse


Michele Lamy has long been known as the muse, creative mind, and strong feminine force behind Rick Owens and after knowing her for quite some time we can confirm all of this to be true. Today, Hugo Mapelli captures Lamy’s eclectic style through a series of photographs recently taken in Paris. Though the jewelry featured here comes from the Rick Owens collection, she opened up to us about the origin of her famed collection and Parisian-bohemian style.

“I’m pretty sure that I have been wearing bangles, rings, earrings, and other ornaments since I was 15 years old. I always wore “nice” materials: ivory, gold, silver, bronze and Galalithe from the ‘20s (my grandfather was making accessories for Poiret!). I have no idea why, but I always like to be in rags (even if the rags are fur!) and clinging away with all of my treasures. Rings on all of my fingers—stretched out to my cigarette—and my arms are filled well past my elbow. I found out about Nancy Cunard long after I had begun collecting bracelets!

Now I’m going from the old to the new—moving along—covering my teeth (with rock crystal, gold, and diamonds), Loree and I have our little project. We go way back, Loree and I, as they say in L.A. I’ve always loved, “got,” and understood the attitude of her pieces. So it was about time that she like some rings that I had and that we could mingle.”


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