Kid Royalty


„Hi, it’s Cindy!“ says the supermodel who all but defined the word for decades. „I’m here with my two kids at the family lake house and we just finished dinner.“ Two younger voices immediately chime in, in perfect harmony: „Hi!“

If this image looks like the model American family, that’s because, quite literally, it is. The über-mannequin on the phone is none other than Cindy Crawford, married to businessman and former male model Rande Gerber, on a call from California with her two children Kaia and Presely, who’ve made their fashion-magazine debut together with this story.

At ages 14 and 16, it’s not difficult to see why Kaia and Presley are the latest in the family to enter the fashion fold. With Kaia’s tousled brown hair and Presley’s perfectly placed beauty mark, they are the spitting images of their mother—who, at 49, remains one of the world’s most identifiable faces and provides her children with much-appreciated guidance and support.

„Entering this world and having someone with all this experience to guide us to the right decisions makes us feel so much more comfortable,“ says Kaia, before her brother finishes the thought: „We couldn’t have asked for anyone better.“

While a typical family’s dinner-table conversations revolve around report cards and stories from recess, the Gerbers trade modeling tricks of the trade. „One key piece of advice I always keep with me is to have a thought behind my eyes when I’m looking at the camera, says Kaia. „Honestly, that is the best advice she has ever me and you can truly tell the difference. I notice in it in the way the picture turns out.“

Fashion isn’t just in Kaia and Presley’s blood—it’s ingrained in their repertoires. When talking to the duo, it’s easy to forget that they are teenagers. The pair feels as at ease talking about luxury brands as they do subjects in school.

„I love Versace, of course,“ gushes Kaia, who made her modeling debut for the label when she was just 10 years old. „But I love the Fendi that Carine dressed me in as well. It was amazing.“

While Kaia’s interests are squarely modeling-focused, Presley is drawn to a life behind the lens. „Working with Bruce was the first time I was around someone shooting only film,“ he explains, „so it was really interesting to see how that works. I learned so much.“

Weber’s advice should come in handy for the duo’s joint Instagram channel, @kbyp, which is comprised of Kaia photos taken by Presley. The account boasts 20,000 followers in addition to Kaia’s personal handle, which has 140,000 followers in addition.

Celebrity and modeling chops aside, the Gerber family remains as down-to-earth as they are well mannered. Asked what they like to do as a unit, Presley doesn’t hesitate to answer. „Whether it’s working or movie night or hanging out on the lank,“ he says, „we can make anything fun as long as we’re together.“


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