Issue 3 Preview: Systems of Belief


Garth Weiser
“Any system of production is only something to be used until it leads to a new system. A system should always remain open. I exist in a state of dissatisfaction and begin each work in search of something new. Each work stands on the previous system and shreds it into material to be used for the next. I find new language through a process of cannibalizing previous works and ideas. Nothing is forever.”

Harold Ancart
“The feeling that there is not enough time, and the impossibility of achieving things, is what drives my work. The more you work, the more doors open, the more doors open, and the more doors that open, the more complicated it becomes. There are many paths beyond the horizon, but only the possibility to take one at a time. I have a natural fondness for half-finished or badly realized things. They are a promise of a wonderful faraway. There is a tension between what they are and what they could become. This tension is the compass.”

Rashid Johnson
“Sincerity and belief are all that can hold art together. The collective or brotherhood or secret society has played a role in my work in the past. The idea of a group that has made a commitment to one another. Kind of a fiction. The production of a brotherhood in which I’m the only authoring character, creating a set of marks that defines a collective identity.”

Cyprien Gaillard
“Both beauty and failure are notions that really depend on the moment in history they relate to—what is defined as a failure today might have been an achievement earlier in history, and what we consider ugly today might be found beautiful at some point in the future. I am not interested in making these judgments. Rather I am seeking a confrontation with the contemporary landscape. The anachronism that is manifested in architecture and the urban landscape all over the world is a key subject in my work.”


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