Issue 3 Preview: Utopia


Modeling legend, Donna Jordan on the life through the looking glass: “In New York in the late ’60s, there used to be these Be-Ins at Bethesda Foundation in Central Park. Everybody would just go and hang out…real hippie stuff. I was there one day with Jane Forth, when out of nowhere appeared Antonio Lopez in head-to-toe red: red suit, red top hat, red cane.

All of that coming down the Bethesda stairs was such an amazing vision and for some reason there was a real connection. Antonio looked at Jane and me and we immediately became his muses. It was an instantaneous karmic kind of thing. We were just little kids, 17 years old—we’re talking like 1967—and suddenly our lives were transformed. Every other night it was Carnegie Hall or Max’s Kansas City. Max’s was my living room, and we would dance all night. I was the only one of my friends who had a job—at Paraphernalia, one of the first boutiques in New York City—so I’d work all day and go out all night.

In 1968, after I’d had enough of New York and the whole Warhol scene, I went to London and kind of floated. Antonio found me again, I went to Paris, and the rest is history. Those were wild, crazy, fun, ridiculous times. I was living in the moment so much that I never thought about tomorrow, and it all happened so fast, like a huge rush.

Aesthetically, I think the Europeans were attracted to me because I have such an open, American face. I booked the cover of French Vogue—their “pop” issue —which led into a terribly exciting time because Antonio’s influence was growing in Paris, and we were like family. It was the midpoint of a transformation that changed my life.”


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