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The future of the androgynous model is proving to be a bright one. As we’ve been closely following the resort and menswear runways there hasn’t been one model that has stood out quite as much as the ever-so versatile Roan Louch. The male model has turned up at Gucci Cruise ’16 women’s ready-to-wear, Gucci Spring ’16 menswear, and Maison Margiela‘s women’s lookbook. Roan has prior been known to be a runway regular at menswear label Hood By Air, whose creative director Shane Oliver does not shy away from unconventional casting choices. It’s time to really meet 18 year-old Roan—born and raised in Brooklyn—because you’ll be seeing him around:

How were you discovered?
“For several years, I had scouts coming up to me on the street. After this kept happening so many times I finally became more interested. Then I happened to become friends with a photographer and he introduced me to different people in the industry. He was interning for Hood by Air at the time, so he had connections through them.”

What was your big break?
“I did an Interview Magazine shoot that I think did a lot for me. I started to get more money jobs—or at least it seems that way to me. I’m not sure if it’s directly because of that. I started to do more editorials. For the recent job I did with Margiela [Resort 2016 lookbook], that was the first time that I traveled for work. I am traveling again Gucci in Milan.”

What was your experience like at Margiela?
“I really enjoyed it. I really liked the people that I was working with. I ended up having a good amount in common with them.”

Where you expecting to wear women’s clothing for the book?
“A lot of people want to put me in more unisex or androgynous looks. I knew it was is possibility.”

Do you ever wear unisex or women’s clothing in your personal life?
“I don’t stick to any one thing; I just go by whether or not I like the way that I look in it. I choose things based on how I look in them, and that’s pretty much all that I care about. I’ve always had a sense of personal style and I don’t think that has really changed. I wear the same things that I always have.”

What’s on the horizon for you?
“I’m 18 years old. I am just seeing it where it goes. If I become successful I think I will continue doing it for longer. There are other things I want to do, so I might use modeling as a way to pay for college and to save some money for after college. I’m very attracted to the west coast, especially California.”

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
“I have been into playing music recently. I’m not especially great because I only started 9 months ago. It’s something that I’m considering studying. I guess I like writing too, but I find it to be a stressful process for me. For awhile, I was playing the piano and now I’m playing the guitar—even though I may have been a bit better at piano. If I hear a song that I like, I try to learn how to play it.”

What else stands out about you, as a person?
“One thing in particular that makes up my identity is that I’m very invested in general health and well-being. A lot of the choices that I make are based around that. I’m vegan. It started purely for animal rights reasons. When I was monitoring what I eat so closely I became more in tune with watching what I eat. I will wear fur if I have to at work, but I’m usually vocal about not wanting to. It’s important to hold on to your values—and what’s important to you—no matter where you’re working.”


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