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In lieu of today’s Louis Vuitton Spring ’16 show, we caught up with the house’s exclusive model, Viviane Oliveira. For her first-ever runway appearance Viviane was flown from her hometown in Brazil to walk in Vuitton’s Palm Springs Cruise 2016 show, and for today’s collection, the house took her on a very special trip to Paris. “When I was first booked for Louis Vuitton, I felt amazing. I couldn’t believe it. Before the actual show my energy was all over the place. Even now, I am so nervous to walk, but I hope that translates into a good thing when I actually do,” she says. In-between the two shows, the model has also been working on something “really big,” which she promises to soon let us in on. We’re proud to present, Ms. Viviane:

How were you discovered?
“I started modeling in Brazil when I was 17, but I was only properly discovered when people from my New York agency came to visit. They saw me and decided to take me back with them to America. After that, everything was good, but it was also hard because I didn’t speak any English.”

Were you interested in fashion before becoming a model?
“I’ve wanted to be a model ever since I was three years-old, so yes! I grew up loving watching all of the commercials on television and reading fashion magazines. My mom always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and to be a successful model.”

What do you do to stay in shape?
“First of all, I eat everything. My metabolism has always been really fast, but every time I eat a lot I thank God for giving me genetics that allow me to. Secondly, I love to play sports. In particular I do Muay Thai boxing and Caporeira, which is a Brazilian martial art.”

Who are your favorite designers?
“Obviously Louis Vuitton is my favorite and it will always be because it was my first show and it really changed my life. Apart from them, I love Givenchy and Prada. Everything from Prada is so beautiful.”

What would people be surprised to know about you?
“People are always surprised that I can pick things up quickly and understand what they want, even though my English isn’t very good. I used to not be able to say anything, but I’m studying really hard to get better.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?
“I’m really into watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s been really big in Brazil for a long time, but it’s fun now because people in New York are starting to get into it also.”

What projects do you have on the horizon?
“Apart from my exclusive, I’ve been working on something really big. It’s a secret at the moment so I can’t talk about it yet. All I can say is that I’m really excited and happy about it.”


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