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After catching one glimpse at Los Angeles native Alice Metza, her agent Luc Brinker from Two Management spent five long months trying to track her down. “He caught a fleeting glimpse of me near my school once and then set a timer to be at the same place at 3.30pm every weekday after,” says the 17 year-old. “When he eventually saw me again, he ran up so quickly he made me jump. He told me how long he’d been looking for me and I couldn’t believe that someone would go to so much trouble.” Although she was unsure of what professional models „actually did,“ Metza decided she had nothing to lose by seeing where the opportunity might take her. She signed a contract three days later and before she knew it, she was booked for shows with Proenza Schouler and Prada. Metza has been living on airplanes and sets ever since. The model walked 29 shows during the Spring 2016 collections and although she’s yet to score a major campaign, we’ve got a hunch that she has a few things in the works. See why everyone’s eyes are on Alice:

How did you feel when you booked Proenza Schouler as your first job?
„At the time, I had no idea what Proenza Schouler was and I couldn’t pronounce it at all. Eventually I caught on, and I just kept thinking ‘fuck, this is major.’ Before I walked the runway, I had this crazy rush of adrenaline mixed with anxiety. I felt like I was about to go crowd-surfing at a crazy concert.“

What’s been your favorite modeling career moment so far?
„I’m not sure if I could pick one yet, there have been so many wild experiences. I’m only just beginning my career. Every day there’s something new and a different kind of huge moment for me.“

What aspect of your job do you find the hardest?
„Modeling definitely takes a psychological toll on me because I’m constantly alone. As a model, you travel to beautiful places all over the world, but it can be hard to enjoy them by yourself. I found that really hard to accept at first, but I’m kind of content with it now. I’m just used to being in Los Angeles, so all the travel is cool too. It’s really opening my eyes to how big the world is.“

What’s the craziest place you’ve traveled to for a job?
„Before I modeled, I’d only ever really been to Las Vegas, so the first time I went to Europe I thought it was crazy. No one prepared me for how different it is from America or that you have to pay for sauce in McDonalds there. It’s one euro for a sachet of ketchup. I was like ‘Excuse me? That’s not fabulous.’ But I will say the McDonalds in Europe are much better. Definitely worth the trip.“

How have you changed since becoming a model?
„I was not expecting this profession to as strenuous as it, but it’s good and I feel like I’m stronger in a lot of ways. I’m much more mature now than when I first started.“

How do you stay healthy while on the road?
„That’s a bit of a joke question for me because I don’t care what I eat and I’m not into exercise. I love eating. Whatever it is, I’ll eat it. I used to be so particular about vegetables, but catering is really opening my eyes. You won’t be able to photograph me for the first two hours on set because I’m just going be picking up plates and eating—sorry!“

How would you describe your personal style?
„I used to want to dress like the people in magazines, but I can never afford the clothes, so I just stopped buying from real stores and started thrifting and making my own things. If I had loads of money, I’d buy Prada though. I have a lot of piercings, which I guess is a certain kind of style too. I used to have nine before I started modeling, but I’ve had to take a few out since I signed. It just got to be too much hassle constantly taking them in and out for every job.“

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of modeling?
„Whenever I have down time I draw on this batch of cheap clothes I bought. I’d like to start my own clothing line eventually, but I’m nowhere near ready for that. So for now I sketch and customize my own things. I like to make pieces which are conversation starters.“

What projects do you have on the horizon?
„I’m working on a bunch of big projects which I can’t talk about yet, but what I’m most excited about in the near future is turning 18 because that means I’ll be able to vote in the next elections. It’s great because I don’t want everyone else determining my future. I’ve done a lot of research and Bernie Sanders is the candidate for me. If Donald Trump becomes president I’m going to leave the country and not come back until he’s got the boot.“


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