Inside the Artistic Mind Of Rick Owens


“If I could ever so slightly blur the rigid parameters of what is considered beautiful or acceptable in our generation, I will have fulfilled any potential I had to make any positive contribution to this world,” designer Rick Owens recently stated. Based on images from his new exhibit in Milan, it looks like he’s achieved his goal.

Opening today at the Triennale di Milano, Rick Owens. Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman is the first retrospective to be entirely dedicated to the designer. Spanning 20 years of his career, the exhibit features a range of his creative pursuits, from fashion to furniture, and everything in between. Owens himself helped curate the show, selecting what would be on view.

“I wanted to take what a dismissive world might mock and create something fine, empathetic, kind and inclusive,” he said in a statement.

The space, much like the sets of his fashion shows, is both industrial and organic. Mannequins featuring his most iconic looks are perched atop metal pedestals, while accessories and editorial images are placed low, encased in glass boxes. His furniture is featured throughout. Meanwhile, hanging from the ceiling is a site-specific installation sculpture—a metaphor for the eternal, primal creative drive that pushes humanity—made from concrete, lilies, Adriatic sand, and Owens’ own hair. The entire show is exactly what one would expect, and want, from a celebration of all things Owens.

And there’s one more takeaway for fans who attend the exhibit: a limited-edition box featuring Owens-related goodies, such as books, collaborations with photographers, and an unreleased perfume. The holidays came early for your haute goth friends.

Rick Owens. Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman is open now at the Triennale di Milano and will run through March 25, 2018.


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