Jaime King Makes Her Modeling Comeback for Miu Miu


Former ‘90s It-model-turned-actress, Jaime King has returned to the fashion industry after more than a decade away. The American star is the latest face of Miu Miu, joining models Samantha Archibald, Iesha Hodges, and Lily Novashot in the house’s Autumn 2017 campaign. One of the few models to successfully transition to acting, King was once ubiquitous with fashion magazines and was a regular on the runway at Chanel and Dior shows. Around the turn of the millennium, she switched her focus to Hollywood, starring in blockbusters like Pearl Harbor and Star Wars. Since then she’s rarely worked as a model; her last campaign was in 2006, when Jay-Z tapped her to front an ad for Rocawear.

Miu Miu’s new ads were shot in a London hotel room by Alasdair McLellan, and are titled Room 303. They were staged to look like they were taken on the spur of the moment—a spontaneous and fun night out between girlfriends. In this vein, McLellan adopted an imitate and casual style of photography, which runs right down to the lighting, that’s supposed to mimic that of an iPhone.

Room 303 is part of a wider body of work for the photographer; he’s exploring the nature of images in the digital age. In a statement, Miu Miu explained his intentions in more depth: “The economy of images has weathered a radical transformation,” it said. “Technology has disrupted traditional values: pictures are at once utterly ubiquitous and diminished; perfection and seamlessness, more attainable than ever, are drained of aura; low fidelity can signify either carelessness or intimacy.”

Scroll through to see Jaime King in the new campaign below.


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