Hillary Clinton Launches New Post-Election Initiative


For many Americans, last November’s election felt like a bad dream. The 63 million people who voted for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton were shocked when she lost to former reality television star, Donald Trump. There are deeply unsettling scandals brewing in the new administration, and rising instability around the world, making this historical moment dire abroad and at home. Clinton ran on a platform of inclusivity and social justice, in stark contrast to the fear mongering of her opponent.

After taking some well deserved time off hiking in the woods and spending time with her family, Secretary Clinton is starting a new initiative as a continuation of her campaign called ‘Onward Together.’ The name is a take off on her campaign slogan ‘stronger together.’ Facing a corrupt and secretive administration, the aim of Clinton’s new organization is to encourage citizen civil engagement, especially among young people.

‘Onward Together’ will be aimed at raising money for progressive political advocacy groups, and raising awareness of their causes. The first round of organizations she will support are Swing Left, Emerge America, Color of Change, Indivisible, and Run for Something. These organizations work to end racial bias, encourage swing states to vote democrat, cultivate female politicians, and champion millennials to run for office, among other things.

Clinton shared a hopeful message with supporters on Twitter:

You can read more about Onward Together, and donate here.


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