Kate Moss Pays Tribute to George Michael


Kate Moss and George Michael had more than fame in common. The duo shared a zip code in Highgate, London and lived next door to each other for years. In an interview before Michael’s death last December, the supermodel mentioned that they’d even forged a secret passageway between their gardens so that she and daughter, Lila, could nip over to his without drawing attention from the paparazzi that constantly lay in wait on their street.

According to a tabloid report today, the model is now working with a film crew on a new documentary inside the late singer’s home. Titled Freedom after Michael’s 1990 hit track of the same name, the production is said to have been conceived before his death, but is now in the process of being re-shot in order to give audiences true insight into his life as a whole. Moss is believed to be instrumental in the film’s progress, granting the crew full access to their shared gardens and even speaking on camera about her friend.

“Kate was filming at the house on Monday and the documentary will also feature other major stars who were close to George,” said an insider to the tabloid. ““Kate and George were friends for years and knew each other really well. They lived just a few seconds walk away and Kate would hang out with him. Kate hardly ever does interviews, especially not on camera, but this is something she’s really passionate about.”

Freedom is reportedly back by Sony Music and is slated to air on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom at some point this year.


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