Exclusive: Jesse Jo’s New Single


In what we plan to be the first of many Friday listening sessions, we begin today with an exclusive song premiere from L.A. pop rock singer Jesse Jo Stark.

If you’re not familiar with Jesse’s music, you may recognize her from an appearance in Gia Coppola’s recent Palo Alto (or at the very least from Bella Hadid’s Instagram feed), but 23-year old Jesse is known throughout the music scene for her EP Down Your Drain, produced by friend of the family Sex Pistols’ Stevie Jones. Given her music-centric upbringing, (she’s the daughter of the Chrome Hearts founders, and names Cher as her godmother) it seems natural for Jesse to have explored this path. She’s proven her music chops with a brand of retro rock that’s very much her own—and an alternative to the modern pop-era sounds of Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Jesse serves it all up with honest lyrics, usually about her friends and family, that she writes herself.

Take a listen for yourself—this is the only place to hear Jesse’s not-yet-released track titled “Silver Licks.”


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