The Next Wave of Los Angeles It-Girls Keep It Naughty and a Little Bit Nice


Continuing in the spirit of our 1999-themed issue, here we present three mega babes―all under-the-radar influencers―who epitomize Los Angeles style. „It’s an attitude,“ says CR’s Ben Perreira. „The look doesn’t have clear lines about what’s designer and what’s not.“ Meet the must-follow girls as they showcase Fall’s personality-packed fashion.

Leila Rahimi, Model and Painter

Instagram: @leila.rahimi

About Her: This Iranian-American beauty is an illustrator and painter whose intimate work is „a blend of story telling and diary-keeping,“ says the 25-year-old. Her current project is „a series of very personal paintings exploring myths of love and beauty that play with familiar motifs―mostly snakes and angels.“

Her Art: „I love becoming immersed in the experience of making a painting. I try to come from a place of vulnerability in an effort to expel my deepest anxieties or idolize my greatest pleasures. I use archetypal symbols and childlike mediums like crayons or oil sticks to create texture and evoke a feeling of nostalgia.“

Her City: „L.A. feels surreal, almost sedative. The light shines differently here. I can always distinguish the L.A. sky; it’s a hazy, faded blue. I try to catch the sunsets at one of my secret nature spots I grew up haunting. I hate the way time moves in L.A. It feels like it’s never passing and you could have all the time in the world because there aren’t any seasons. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a vacuum and get so stir crazy that I just buy a same-day ticket to somewhere/anywhere else.“

Adriana Sahar, Designer

Instagram: @adrianasaharshop

About Her: Born and raised in L.A., the 25-year-old designer is an over-the-top Persian princess (her dad is from Israel, her mom is from Iran), whose favorite thing about her city is „that I’m the vibe,“ and least favorite thing is the traffic. Many of Sahar’s eye-catching pieces are featured throughout this series.

Her Life: „I make clothes. I get to do what I love for a living and make whatever comes to my mind at any moment. I also get to touch lives. I’ve had people send me messages from all over the world saying I inspired them in some way. I was 13 when I started sewing, and now I have a career in fashion design and people recognize my clothing on Instagram and in real life. Living out your dreams is a huge blessing.“

Her Craziest Instagram Comment: „I’ve probably gotten way worse but this one had me dead: ‚You look like the Walmart version of Mia Khalifa and Kylie Jenner.’“

Ganna Bogdan, Model and Aspiring Director

Instagram: @gannabogdan

About Her: Rounding out our portfolio is this 24-year-old Ukranian transplant, who is „working on directing a couple music videos and on a little short about film the five stages of love,“ in addition to traveling for modeling and soaking up all L.A. has to offer.

Her City: „I’m inspired by having the freedom to drive to the most incredible places spontaneously. I can have time to myself to enjoy nature or go and meet new people. I hate that sometimes it’s hard to make plans because everybody is too lazy to drive or commit if you’re not in the area.“

Her Social Strategy: „Everybody wants to show their crazy sides on social media. I always try to keep it the way it is. I don’t need to hide anything. Giving the real you is the future.“



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