Emily Ratajkowski’s Favorite Things for Fall


Emily Ratajkowski’s name might be a mouthful to say but her style—sleek, chic, and sexy—is not difficult to understand. Star of Frye boot’s Fall/Winter 2017 campaign, the model, actress, and all-around-fav spoke to CR about her seasonal must-haves as leaves change color and layers loosen and compile.

Do you have a favorite footwear choice for fall?

“As you can see, I’m a boot person—I’d rather wear them than sneakers or heels any time in any style. They’re just the perfect balance. They give me a little bit of height and I feel like I’m ready to go anywhere. Mixing and matching is really important to me, and bringing in that really home-spun heritage feeling is really nice. Right now I have these easy Frye riding boots on, but I’m also wearing a ,000 ring. To have that combination makes it seem so effortless.”

Is there a good entry-level boot for the season?

“I wear boots literally all year round, but a good starter could be an ankle boot with a one or two inch heel. It goes with everything and won’t have you tripping over yourself.”

What else are your fall must-haves?

“I like a cardigan that you can almost wear like a shirt—really tight. If you want to open it up, you can just tuck a tee into jeans underneath it. It’s really cute, especially with a boot. I’m loving statement jewelry right now. Also, a versatile bag that you can wear multiple ways–across your body or really tight to your chest—is essential. I tend to either love super structured bags or easy sacks. Hunting season makes some really cute ones that you can just throw over your shoulder and go.”

What is something that you have in your bag every day right?

“Chapstick. Always. I get so dehydrated from flying, and I travel a lot. I mean, I’ve only been at home for six nights in the past six weeks. It sounds so basic, but I love Aquaphor. It’s the only chapstick that I’ve used that I don’t have to keep reapplying every hour.”

What else do you love about fall?

“I love the change of seasons and Halloween, of course! I can’t tell you what I’m going as yet, but there are multiple looks. I think and plan about the holiday all the year round, but I wait until the actual week before to get my costume together. I love pumpkins, too. I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes—I like my coffee black—but I love pumpkin pie!”

Do you have an essential off-duty outfit for this time?

“I’m never off-duty! I love a track suit, though. I definitely wear a ton of adidas. Sometimes I like to mix sportswear with my Prada bag to bring it up a bit. Overall, I like to stay comfortable.”


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