Candice Huffine Stars in CR’s High-Fashion Version of #Fitspo


As seen in the casting direction of many of the shows this season, inclusivity is finally on the minds of fashion. But think about the last time you saw that message come through when purchasing a pair of leggings or a sports bra. Even via the #fitspo hashtag on Instagram, it’s not hard to see the lack of diversity when it comes to this idea of what being in shape looks like. For women that do not fit that mold, it’s frustrating, and CR-favorite Candice Huffine is doing something about it.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to change the fashion industry, but switching up the people who represent the fitness world is vital,” she explains. “I get my motivation from seeing women who look like me, or anybody that’s not what we’re used to seeing, who I know is out there crushing it. But they very rarely get the campaign, or the interview, or the limelight.” This feeling, and her newfound passion for running (she’s signed up for the New York City Marathon on November 5th), is what drove Huffine to create Day/Won, a line of fitness apparel that works for all shapes and sizes. It represents what the real world actually looks like, and we also happen think it’s extremely rad. Having recently starred in 11 Honoré’s launch campaign, the supermodel sits down with CR to talk fitness, fashion, and staying active.

What do you think about the beauty standard in the fitness and sports industries?

For a long time, the fitness world—like the fashion world—had one standard visual that was attached to it, which can be very alienating. It’s this teeny white girl with her perfect outfit, her matcha latte, who’s not even sweating. Yes, that’s beautiful—and I’m sure that’s the life that a lot of people maybe lead or aspire to—but it’s not fully realistic or representative of the wide variety of women who are out there kicking ass and doing a ton of different things with different body types. Everybody is fully capable of doing everything.

Have you ever done something so incredible that you surprised yourself?

Running is a huge one. Once I started, it changed my life completely. It changed how I felt about myself, and what I thought I was capable of—I want other people to realize that without thinking that their body can’t do it. I used to look at running from a distance. My husband was always a runner; all of my friends were. I would go to the races and cheer everyone on, but I always just assumed I couldn’t do it. I felt too curvy and too tall like, “Oh, that’s not a sport for me. I have to try something else.“ I’m sure that that happens to so many women when it comes to so many different things, sport or not. From the outside looking in, you assume that many things aren’t possible for you, which is completely untrue. Shattering that misconception is what my purpose is now. We can actually do anything.

Your spirit is infectious. How do you stay so positive?

Not every day is 100. Sometimes I falter and feel a little bit low. In times like those, I just remember that this is something I’m doing for myself that makes me feel amazing, so I don’t deny myself of that. I want people to remember that whenever they set out to do any sort of activity or sport that’s bettering themselves mentally and physically, it is for them and to focus on them. Focus on you, which is the most important relationship you’ll ever have in your life.

But you’re also an inspiration to so many women.

I have chosen to take on a bit of a bigger role, and remind myself that I’m doing this for other women as well, to inspire them, and that drives me. I don’t want to quit because I don’t want someone else to feel like they should quit too. I want to keep going so that we all feel inspired and that’s what helps me in a really twisted way. If I have to crawl to the finish line, I’ll get there, because I just want everyone to know that anything is possible.

Tell us about your new fitness line! How did it come about?.

An opportunity came to me to partner with this on-demand manufacturer that is located in New York City that has a completely sustainable process with eco-friendly materials. Because of my new immersion into all things fitness, it was a perfect union. I came up with the name when I started running. I knew that when I ran during the day—no matter how long, how short, or if it was just down the street—it felt like it was a day won. I felt significantly better, my mind was clear, I felt more creative, and just happier. Coming up with the vision for that was so simple, because I want other women to do whatever makes them feel good in a day. Take the time for yourself and focus on you, and it is going to be a day won.

How did you decide what would be included in the first collection?

Something that’s really important to me and very exciting is that we have a full size range, from zero to 32. The same collection is available for all sizes, which is quite rare. In the fitness community, there are not a lot of brands who are catering to a plus size community, and if they do, it’s a very small range that’s separate from the regular collection. So this is all pieces, all sizes, for everybody to do whatever the hell she wants. She can watch a movie in it if she wants, she can go run a marathon in it if she wants. I just want her to feel like her best self.

Tell us about these amazing leggings.

I started a viral running community last summer called Project Start, a group that was formed to inspire women who have never run before to start running and to be realistic about what to expect and how it all looks. One of our tag lines was „P.S. You got this,“ because I wanted our girl to always remember that no matter how hard anything was, she could still do it. Day/Won is separate from that initiative, but it was a little nod to that. It’s such a good reminder to yourself. When it’s on the side of your leg, you don’t actually see it, but your neighbor sees it, and maybe they need that boost too.

And the whole collection is black and white, right?

Yeah. I took my personal style and injected it right here, because I like to work out in clothing that isn’t that different from what I would wear to dinner. Trust me, I love color and colorful things, and there’s no shame in that whatsoever, but when I go running, I don’t want to look like a highlighter. And there are two custom prints that I actually made. One is a star legging and one is a marble dye. I actually drew the stars by hand and we turned them into a textile, and then I marble-dyed a piece of paper, which we digitized and then made into a textile as well.

That must be so much fun for you to be on the decision side of these garments.

It was so fun. It’s all so exciting. I’ve dreamt of being on this side of things for quite a long time, and to be the designer, the creative director, the client, and the model, all rolled into one, it was sort of that day I’d been preparing for for maybe my whole career.

You’re killing it. What keeps you motivated?

I don’t do anything that doesn’t make me happy. I think we just need to be conscious of that. Obviously you need to make the best of things, but I think that if there are things you enjoy and love, do those all the time, you know? Just have fun. Get together with your girlfriends all the time. Go out and go to a dance class. Seek something out! Try something completely new that makes you feel phenomenal and unstoppable. It’s easier to sit around and think, „I wish,“ and, „I should,“ and, „I might,“ but you also can, and so that’s what I always try to do. Hopefully that will translate over for other women as well.



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