Get Ready For The Next Era Of Taylor Swift


If you were wondering what’s been going on with Taylor Swift’s social media, the answers have arrived: TayTay’s got a new song, new video, and new album on the way.

Last week Swift wiped her social media, clearing both her Instagram and Twitter of all of her posts and those she follows. This week she began posting clips of a CGI snake (likely a reference to Kim Kardashian branding her as one last summer), and as of today she announced that she has a new single dropping tomorrow night, and that her new album, Reputation, will be released this November.

What’s more is that Variety is reporting there are rumors that the singer will debut a new music video this Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards, similar to what Kanye West did for “Fade.” As an added layer of drama, the host of this year’s VMAs is Katy Parry—Swift’s pop-nemesis (the duo have been swiping at each other via song, as all adults do).

But all of that aside, the images Swift suggest a new sound from the artist, who has evolved from country darling to pop icon over her decade-long career. She has already proven herself to be a talented songwriter with a knack for catchy hooks, so it will be interesting to see what new avenues she explores. And if she’s leaning in to the concept that snakes shed their skin and reveal something new, this could be her most transformative album yet.

Reputation will be available November 10.


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