Halsey Loses the Locks for CR


First famous for her long (then short) aqua-coloured locks, then for her cropped platinum do, Halsey shows no sign of hesitation when picking up the hairstylist’s electric razor to start shaving her head for these pictures. „I’ve been wanting to do it for a while,“ she says, „and for some reason I was just like, You know what? I’m gonna do it today.“

It is this level of commitment that has allowed 21-year-old Halsey (born Ashley Frangipane) to make her way to the forefront of the sonic stratosphere in such a short time. Her pop-punk debut album, Badlands, reached number two on the Billboard 200 chart, in part to an infectious lead single that has become a kind of anthem for her generation, aptly titled „New Americana.“

Though she does acknowledge this reading of her work, the accompanying responsibilities make her ill at ease. „I don’t speak for anything,“ she says. „I can’t speak for any experience but my own, and if people can relate to that, then that just goes to show how similar people are despite the diversity. The fact that people of all races and all classes and all creeds are relating to this song when it’s written from a very specific perspective is proof.“

This specific perspective is one that she developed after leaving her hometown of Washington, New Jersey, for New York City. At the age of 17, she was living in a Bed Stuy apartment that was to her what the Chelsea Hotel was to Patti Smith. „All of these people had such interesting lives, and I was kind of the wallflower, the third-party observer,“ she recalls. „A lot of them were using hard drugs, and I was just watching. I was never the interesting one or the exciting or successful one. It was a mix of people who had 0 to their names, struggling to make art, and then people like Chloë Sevigny who would come through… I bounced out of Brooklyn and then just made an album about all of it.“

Above all else, it is perhaps Halsey’s attitude that speaks most to her generation: slightly arrogant, unabashed, unafraid to stand up for her beliefs. After a New York Times reporter misquoted her as saying she identified s „tri-bi“–bisexual, bipolar, and bi-racial– Halsey immediately took to Twitter, stating matter-of-factly: „None of these are things I ‚identify as.‘ They are what I am. This is a crude misquote.“

Still, Halsey is a pacifist at heart, preaching against the pressures of perfectionism that are so prevalent in her generation. „I would tell them to be more forgiving,“ she says of her peers. „This generation is so intelligent, They care about feminism, don’t leave room for forgiveness, If you don’t give people room to learn and grow, then they’re scared to seek knowledge. That’s when people close themselves off from education altogether, because they don’t want to be attacked for misunderstanding something. Nobody is perfect and people are educating themselves at different paces. So be mindful.“

Photograph Sloan Laurits, Fashion Constance Féral, Illustration Mithsuca Berry, Makeup Jeffrey Baum, Hair Johnnie Sapong


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