Madonna’s New Skin Care Line is Finally Here


That rose-infused face mist in your skin care lineup might be somewhat of a staple, but I can safely assure you it doesn’t compare to the 0 one Madonna uses on a regular basis. In fact, it took over 50 samples to get just the right scent (she landed on Damask rose), and no one outside of Italy has access to the spring water she sources for her products…until now. Her skin care line, MDNA SKIN, launched in Asia a few years ago, but is now officially available in the USA at Barneys New York.

The full MDNA SKIN range features everything you need to make your regimen just as *extra* as Madonna’s, with each product containing healing waters from exclusive springs in Montecatini. But the hero products are undoubtedly the Chrome Clay Mask and Skin Rejuvenator, a duo that could be described in layman’s terms as a magnetic face mask. The science goes a lot deeper, but essentially, one side of the tool lifts the clay due to the product’s magnetic coating, and the other side uses micro-current technology to deliver the leftover product deep into the skin. This might sound familiar if you follow Madonna on Instagram because she’s been actively posting about it. Clearly, she loves a face mask selfie as much as the next person.

Another thing that may ring a bell if you’re a Madonna fan? “She’s a perfectionist,” says her aesthetician and MDNA SKIN ambassador, Edyta Jarosz. “That’s why she has this kind of skin and that’s why she has this career. That’s why she’s so successful. How can [the line] not be good?“ During a personal facial with Jarosz (which felt as cool as it sounds), we took notes on some of her top skin care tips, which apply just as much to you as they do to her superstar client-boss.

1. Get on a schedule.

“She’s very consistent. She never goes to sleep without removing her makeup,” says Jarosz. No excuses. “If Madonna, the busiest person in the world, can find 5 minutes to remove her makeup, everybody can.” Valid point.

2. Don’t over-exfoliate.

Particularly in the U.S., the skin she sees on her clients is frequently irritated due to the overuse of scrubs, peels, and cleansing brushes. “Once a week is fine, but it depends on your skin,” she says. Men actually have thicker skin, scientifically-speaking, so she says it’s fine to exfoliate 2 to 3 times per week.

3. Give yourself mini massages.

Jarosz says you can noticeably see a difference after massaging your face in upward motions, and many of her clients in Asia swear by it before—or instead of—going under the needle. “You can visually see how the muscles are lifted, it increases circulation, and is better for product penetration,” she says.

4. Be gentle.

Most clay is hard to remove and some muds are very drying. She recommends the Chrome Clay Mask because it pulls impurities without physically touching the skin—the magnet does it for you. “With this, you don’t even need to use take a towel, and it doesn’t dry because of the high concentration of thermal water.“

5. Healthy foods lead to healthy skin.

Madonna eats a well-balanced diet and she has an overall healthy lifestyle, and it shows. Take note of the overused-but-true statement—beauty starts from the inside out.


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