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If you’ve ever dreamt of leaving your day job to pursue your million dollar idea, let Flash Tattoos founder and creative director Miranda Burnet serve as your inspiration. Like so many entrepreneurial success stories, Burnet’s startup named Flash Tattoos—based on her invention jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos—began with what she describes as “a very small idea.”

Burnet had been working in product development as furniture wholesaler when she stumbled upon a photograph of women in Dubai who had painted themselves using 24 karat gold. “I was putting some mood boards together when I found that image. I loved that concept and immediately thought that I could turn it into a fun spin on couture jewelry,” Burnet explains. She was what you’d call “business minded,” and had years of experience with overseeing factory quality control—everything it takes to turn one small idea into one extremely viable operation. Still, Burnet had every intention of reserving Flash Tattoos as side-job, using a more manageable direct-to-consumer model as her only selling tool. Soon enough, she had enough calls coming in from major retailers, like Sephora and Free People, who saw the enormous potential in getting in on Burnet’s soon-to-be metallic tattoo craze.

Needless to say, their intuition turned out to be spot on. By 2014, Flash Tattoos had taken Coachella by storm. As far as Coachella-going celebrities were concerned, it was the missing link between crochet tops and floral headbands. “It was a very organic process. I didn’t have any celebrity connections at the time. Like all of our non-celebrity fans, sharing their love for the product with friends and family through word-of-mouth—and posting on Instagram—is what has made this such a success.” This profoundly loyal following proved to be enough of a catalyst for Flash Tattoos to become one of the most sought-after and heavily mimicked trends in recent history.

One such faithful devotee happened to be the most sought-after and beloved artist of our time, Beyoncé, which eventually led to today’s exciting news of a collaboration. “Fortunately for us, Beyoncé was already a big fan of the product. She kept wearing them and we kept sending her more,” Burnet recalls. “It was almost fate that we were approached to do this collaboration. We were always so surprised by how she wore the tattoos. It was clear that she has a creative side to her. A lot of people are intimidated because the product is very flashy, but she wore them in very bold ways. Sometimes she wore a whole sheet at one time, which eventually became known in our office as ‚the Beyoncé.‘ She introduced a way of layering the tattoos that was new to us.”

And so the collaborative process began with a very Beyhive-friendly honeycomb theme. Ideas flowed back and forth between Beyoncé and the Flash Tattoos team until the concept evolved into five sheets containing 57 different pieces in an array of black and metallic gold. Expect to see a mix of highly graphic options like geometric honeycomb cuffs, beehive flower motifs, a BB gun and holster meant to be worn across the thigh, assorted sizes and styles of bees, along with some of the popular lyrics and phrases most often affiliated with Beyoncé will be offered up in a sexy tattoo-like script.

After 13 or so revisions, the Flash Tattoos collection titled ‘Beyoncé’ was finished in a way that both sides were “crazy in love” with. And yes, “Crazy in Love” are but some of the lyrics to appear in tattoo form on Sheet 1.


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