Srđ je grad
Srđ je grad: (4L):

Srđ je Grad is a local/municipal political party, founded in October 2020. As a political citizen initiative, we had run for the city elections in 2013, 2017. As a political party we are running for the city and county elections with the candidates for both the Mayor and County Prefect. For the County Prefect position an alliance was made between local political parties Srđ je Grad and Zaokret alongside national parties New Left and Možemo. The electoral list consists of people from all around the County, both from the major coastal and island municipalities, members of both informal and formal local initiatives. Since 2017 we have also had a representative in the County Council. In 2018 Srđ je Grad ran for the positions during the district council elections under a political citizen initiative called Dajmo Ruke.