Anwar Hadid and Yoni Laham Speak to CR About A New Unisex Jewelry Line

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Model Anwar Hadid and musician Yoni Laham have come together to create Martyre, a unisex jewelry brand making old ideas new again. Points of inspiration for the Los Angeles-designed and produced collection include centuries-old paintings and other ancient art and architecture. The 17th century Baroque period, known for its ornateness and drama, was especially influential. Hadid and Laham, along with Martyre’s Head of Design and Co-Creative Director, Ryan Benson, translated those ideas into minimal yet detail-oriented adornments. This modern interpretation is also captured by Martyre’s first campaign in which Hadid models, joined by Georgia Fowler and Abdulaye Niang, decked out in multiple pieces.

The debut collection establishes the label as a cohesive assortment of jewelry centered around the divine. Phrases like “Pray For Us” and “Every Sinner Dies a Saint” appear on various rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Petite cherub charms also adorn some of the jewelry. On the Arcadia Hoops, they dangle from petite earrings also engraved with the brand’s name. These religious elements speak to the timelessness of the brand and its points of reference. “There’s so many ancient, beautiful things that have been created throughout history and time and we were just drawn to all of those,” Hadid tells CR. He and Laham were inspired not only by old artwork and architecture itself, but also its longevity and ability to continually resonate with people.

Jewelry that holds meaning to people is about a two-way connection, according to Hadid. “I’ve had pieces that I’ve gotten throughout time that have held a lot of meaning to me and maybe I’ve put meaning into them,” he says says. “If you can put meaning into something, like a ring, you can pass that on to people that you love.”

This heirloom-like quality is something that he and Laham considered when designing Martyre. During the process, Laham experienced a connection to a piece that did not make it into the finalized collection. “I wear one of the first things that me and Anwar made together,” Laham shares. “It’s absolutely horrible, like not even good. It’s like a weird flower, but I wear it and I love wearing it because it holds sentimental value with me.” With the pieces that did make the cut, Hadid and Laham hope that others can experience the same invaluable feeling.

In order to create pieces that can connect with a broad audience, the duo decided that a unisex collection would be the natural course of action. “It shouldn’t be restricted to what people believe should be on men or should be on women,” Laham says. “It should be about how it looks on you and how it makes you feel, and that I think that spoke to us more than anything.” Giving their consumers agency was crucial to Hadid and Laham, so each design is offered in multiple finishes allowing people to find something that really connects with their personal aesthetic. While the line features sterling silver as its mainstay, people may order (by special request) pieces in gold, rose gold, or sterling silver with diamonds.

Martyre ranges in price from for a single Pray For Us sterling silver ring to ,130 for the Arcadia Necklace in sterling silver with diamonds.

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