First Look at Fall Risk, the Disruptive Fashion Brand by Baja East Co-Founder John Targon

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Designer John Targon, who honed his craft working at Celine and Burberry, and co-founded Baja East with Scott Studenberg, is making his grand return to the fashion world. On April 30th, Targon will launch his own streetwear label called Fall Risk—perhaps a tongue-in-cheek callback to the ebbs and flows of Targon’s career (last year, he exited Marc Jacobs after two months in the company’s creative director role for contemporary-wear.) Now, Targon is designing a line of ’70s-inspired, „season-less,“ retro clothing for all genders, ranging from 5 to 5. Some of the pieces themselves have already been spotted on the likes of Bella Hadid and Duckie Thot and customers will be able to view the collection on the brand’s virtual showroom site. As another embodiment of the brand’s dedication to the pre-social media decades, they will have to call in if they want to actually make an order. The designer or the design team will pick up (on a landline phone, no less) and speak to you personally about your order.

„The idea of personal connection is the biggest driving force for me right now,“ he tells CR. „I wanted to connect directly with the people who are interested in buying Fall Risk. There was no better way for me to get the true feeling of what is resonating other than by directly listening to my potential customers. Also, it’s fun to listen and talk to them since you can understand what people already own and what they need.“

Here, CR catches up with Targon about his new line, gender inclusivity, and what’s next for Fall Risk.

What was the inspiration behind the line?
„The inspiration for Fall Risk came about, because I wanted to create clothes with a longstanding purpose and clothes that were inspired by my favorite eras but made for today. I think clothing should serve longstanding purpose and what you bought before should feel relevant to the next things you buy from Fall Risk.“

What made you want to make the collection gender neutral?
„I think it’s easy to have a favorite T-shirt and nail the fit between all genders. The same applies to things like a long sleeve polo, the Lorem Ipsum [polo shirt], and 69 are easy relaxed fits that everyone can wear. When it comes to the other styles, I think it’s about how you wear clothing and so I would say, take the risk and try it out, but there are designs that aren’t fully gender neutral so to say.“

What went into designing the clothing itself?
„Every single piece is looked at as a product. When you put clothing through the lens of making the best product, it becomes much more about creating the best possible design outside of a collection. I like taking all those single best designs and mixing and matching them; becoming the home of the hook up, but not applied to dating.“

What’s next for Fall Risk? Do you have another design territory you’d love to explore?
„I think it’s important to focus on staying in the knitwear range of clothing right now. But for me, product is supreme and I think the beauty and weed segments are incredibly interesting. Those are two categories that have packaging design, and that is a very exciting avenue to pursue.“

Who do you see wearing your clothes and why?
„I see Fall Risk being worn by a wide range of people, but most importantly, I think the clothes will be worn by people who value quality and want their clothing to last and be brought back out 10 years from now. I’m not into the idea of disposable fashion. I think you’ll see a lot of people who love art, design, and music wearing them because each piece has a story.“

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