Cottweiler Reconsiders Fall/Winter 2019 in Korea


Some 40 hours into Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty’s first trip to Korea, the two found themselves backstage of their own fashion show. A rendition of the duo designer’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection first seen in London, the event marked the first British showing at Seoul Fashion Week as part of a new collaboration between the Korean fashion group and the British Fashion Council. But rather than simply recreating the same show from earlier this season, the Cottweiler co-founders debuted alterations specifically made for Seoul. „It’s our first time here, so we really wanted to make it special,“ Dainty tells CR. „We wanted our fans here to join us on this experience.“

First thing first, says the designers, was responding to their new space. Cottweiler traditionally stages its shows offsite of London’s main fashion arenas, opting for office building, dance studios, and even the Natural History Museum as venues in the past. In Seoul, where designers are contained to one mega-fashion pavilion, Dainty and Cottrell were greeted with a stark white studio upon arrival. Compared to the chilly parking garage that which they staged their original Fall/Winter 2019 collection in, the Korean venue „was super glossy, super clean,“ says Dainty, which in turn, inspired the Seoul show.

Nearly overnight, the duo restyled the collection completely, scaling down the 27 original looks to 20 and adding in leather pieces made exclusively for the Korean market as well as jewelry and extra accessories. Continues Dainty: „We wanted to make it a bit more luxe to match the new environment and fresh for new eyes.“

In extraterrestrial greens and sheer metallic tees; acid-wash denim and velour jumpsuits, an all Korean-model cast paraded down Cottweiler’s reinterpreted Seoul catwalk. The all-Asian casting wasn’t a decisive choice says the designers but rather one that came up organically. „We really wanted the show to be the best it could be,“ explains Cottrell. „We saw nearly every model in the city and chose only the best for show.“


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