How the Chicest Dog in Fashion is Celebrating National Puppy Day

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Marc Jacobs has Neville. Valentino has his pugs. Karl Lagerfeld had Choupette. And Thom Browne has Hector. The mocha-colored, wiry-haired dachshund might just be the most stylish dog in all of New York City, frequently seen strolling through the streets in miniature custom Thom Browne sweaters. That is, when he’s not working hard at the design studio, rolling around in the grass at Central Park, casually hanging out with models, or treating himself to some good ol‘ Shake Shack, all of which has been documented on his Instagram. No wonder, then, he’s amassed nearly 11,000 followers. (Just don’t call him an influencer.) In honor of National Puppy Day today, CR chats with Browne—Hector was busy in fabric meetings—to talk his all-time favorite indulgence, why he’d never walk in a Thom Browne runway show (despite appearing in print form on the designer’s sweaters, bags, and shoes), and the one toy he simply cannot bring himself to shred into smithereens.

What color does Hector feel most confident in?
“Gray. Plain gray. Very simple.”

What is Hector’s favorite indulgence?

What’s the origin of Hector’s name?
“I would love to say there’s some intellectual, Greek mythological reference, but there’s not. His name comes from Hector’s House, an English children’s program.“

Does Hector know any tricks?
“He knows a lot of tricks.”

Like what?
“He doesn’t, actually. He’s, like, the most untrained dog, but he’s just so cute that everything he does is a trick. He does fetch. I guess that’s a trick.”

What is the biggest mess Hector has ever caused? Has he ever gotten into the trash or ruined a shoe?
“Every time he gets a toy, he tears it up so all the stuffing gets everywhere.”

If Hector had a theme song, what would it be?
„‚Who Let The Dogs Out?’“

Hector has inspired several of your bags and has appeared on your clothes. Would you ever let him walk in one of your runway shows?
“No, I would never subject him to that. He’s very shy.”

What is Hector’s all-time favorite toy?
“He has a teddy bear from the Ritz-Carlton. For some reason, he can’t tear that one apart.”

Hector has almost 11,000 followers on Instagram. What are his thoughts on influencers? Would he ever be one?
“He has zero influence. And zero interest in influencers.”

Where is Hector’s favorite place to be in New York City?
“His terrace at home.”

You said Hector’s pretty shy, but he looks amazing on camera. Is he a natural or was this a learned skill?
“He is such a natural.”

How is Hector celebrating National Puppy Day?
“With a glass of Dog Perignon.”

What’s the biggest thing Hector has taught you and Andrew [Bolton]?
“Unconditional love.”

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