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Hamish Frew is equal parts boy-next-door and model-on-the-rise. Discovered at 17 years old, this Southwest Londoner spends his time between the football club and runways of brands including A.P.C. and Philipp Plein. The male model came by the CR office to discuss hip-hop, working between New York City and London, and why he approves of shaved heads.

How long have you been playing football?
I’ve been in the same football club since I was 12. I started playing when I was four years old and when I was 17, I went semi-professional. I’m still playing three times a week and I’ve got a match on Saturday. Hopefully, one day I’ll be there.”

How did you get discovered?
I had a shaved head and it was the new thing, but it was cool at the time. I was 17 and I had a pretty young face and I went to a small boutique agency in Central London. They loved it. Everyone else hated it. It was a small agency and I got bounced around a few ones and I ended up at Supa. It’s just men they look after.”

Would you shave it again?
100 percent. Easy to look after and it’s nice to feel.”

What has been your favorite thing about New York?
Walking around through the city and just sight-seeing. It’s cool, you don’t see stuff here you do in London.”

What do you like better about London?
There’s more people to see and more homey things. I feel like six years in a place, it’s what you know.”

If you weren’t modeling, what would you want to be doing?
Make music and produce or for a while I wanted to act. I was in a few small things but having seen some bratty actors, I don’t like to live like that either. I’m not that hellbent on finding my career path that soon because everything changes.”

Do you have any favorite music producers?
I like old school hip-hop producers like Prodigy and loads of people, like Kanye. Mostly New York ones as well. I love old New York hip-hop. That’s what I grew up on.”


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