February 23rd Horoscope



“This will be a steamy week for single Leos, who are guaranteed to encounter a passionate romance before Sunday is through. If that’s you, cherish the moment for what it is and try not to stress too much if the fling doesn’t end up lasting. For those already in a relationship, your partner will test your patience. At work, competition in the air, but you can rest assured that you’re in the correct position to succeed.”


“If you’re single, pursue whomever has caught your eye and put in every effort to ensure that your first date together is a success. If you are in a relationship, pay more attention to your sex life. While it’s ok to give into a migraine occasionally, losing the heat could land you and your partner in trying times. Professionally speaking, don’t waste time trying to please everyone.”


“This week, you will start to doubt yourself, so do your best to avoid any high pressure situations. For those currently unattached, use this time to focus on nourishing yourself. Couples: Be aware of maintaining your own independence outside of your relationship. At work, delegating is the key to success.”


“An unexpected romantic setback will leave single Scorpios feeling perplexed this week. If that’s you, be patient and you’ll soon see that it’s actually for the best. If you’re in a relationship, a busy week at work could leave your partner feeling like you’re not present enough to their needs. To remedy this, plan something special for the two of you to do alone together over the weekend. Professionally speaking, you’re not sure how, but you’ll pull through your heavy workload without even realizing it.”


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