Your Weekly Horoscope for June 17th

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Singles are using their seductive abilities this week. Their innate charm will uplift their mood and make them want to socialize more than ever. For those already in relationships, you want your loved one to start thinking about your shared future together, but don’t overdo it with the pressure. Professionally, pay attention to what you say because it could turn against you.


You’ve decided that once there is the slightest doubt about a date, you’ll turn your heels and walk away. Why waste your time on disappointment? For couples, giving your lover plenty of affection will make everything better between you two. Career-wise, you like to work a lot, but remember that it should give you something in return.


Singles, while waiting for the big love of your life, make sure you’re having fun and going on as many adventures as possible. For those already with partners, you feel like a teenager this week, and your sappiness will be great for your relationship. Professionally, don’t force someone to sign a contract that he or she doesn’t like.


Friendship will make you feel good this week and enable you to relax. For now, that’s all you need. As for couples, a small crisis is possible, but use dialogue in order to avoid any more fights. You are finally receiving the recognition you deserve from work this week.


Singles are a joy to be around this week, especially in the evenings. Everyone will flock to you like a magnet and you will create deeper connections. As for those already in relationships, your only concern is to reignite the spark between you two and work on a few projects together. Professionally, you will finally reap what you’ve sewn at work.


You have an important choice in your hands for your future lover, and don’t want to make a mistake. Take your time before settling with someone. For those already in relationships, you have the desire to move in together and live in a new place in the same city. Novelty excites you. Professionally, you can relax a bit this week without worrying too much about falling behind.


Singles are ready to embrace adventure with outstretched arms. Surrounding yourself with amusing and nice people will also put you in a better mood. As for those already with partners, the atmosphere has been playful between you two, but you should also try to spice up your daily life together. You are also crossing your fingers that your boss will fulfill your wishes.


After a dry spell, singles feel jaded and suspicious. Even if a date seems perfect, they remain guarded. As for couples, your darling is reaching your expectations this week and you couldn’t be happier. Professionally, your promotion is confirmed, allowing you to close a case that has been hanging over you for some time.


If someone pleases you, don’t start asking all of your friends for their opinions. Some will judge, and you only really need to trust your own opinion at the end of the day. For those already in relationships, your other half will surprise you in a really great way. If you’re working on a new project, treat your co-worker as a partner and not as a subordinate.


Singles are in a difficult spot this week and are feeling sentimental for the past. As for those already with partners, you’re feeling a little blue this week, but all of the small issues that you’re dwelling on will soon be resolved. Professionally, the results from a project should exceed your expectations.


You want to seduce others, but that’s no reason to leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake. For once, pay attention to the feelings of others. For those already in relationships, positivity is your motto this week. Career-wise, use all of the communication you can in your job to review contracts and make new ones.


Singles will want to get back in touch with an ex. If the relationship wasn’t great, it’s better to avoid him or her. For couples, you are very much in touch with your partner this week. At work, you oscillate between feeling confident and insecure. Mars will allow you to work on several projects at once this week.

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