Your Weekly Horoscope for June 10th

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Singles, a New Moon in Gemini will make your emotions unstable. You want independence, and not love. For those already in relationships, don’t give up your freedom completely to your partner. Professionally, try not to only work on your own. You need to work with your co-workers as a team in order to get a huge project done in time.


You’ve decided that what you like is to have fun above all else, especially this week when exciting outings are on the horizon. For couples, be patient with your partner and all of your anxieties will finally be quelled, allowing you to breathe. Mercury will join Uranus this week in order to boost your career and allow you to make an important step.


Singles know what they want this week and are able to quickly determine if connection will be short-lived or not. Don’t keep going out with people with no future. For those already with partners, use your positive energy to instill a stronger bond in your relationship. Professionally, the Moon and Sun will help you become aware of your key role in a new project.


You know that seduction is always exciting, but it can bore you, too. Be careful who you invest your time in. As for those already in relationships, sometimes you’re left with the unsettling feeling that your other half is not as great as you once thought. Small tensions at work with possible collaborators will hinder you this week, but nothing too serious as to ruin an ongoing project.


Singles are a joy to be around because friends are constantly keep them in a good mood. That will greatly benefit your dating life. As for couples, the combination of the Sun, Mercury, and the moon will give you a boost in your relationship. Professionally, offers will be sure to come in from outside your job and you’ll have plenty of proposals to choose from.


Being surrounded by love from friends and family makes you want to seek it out for yourself. The planets will definitely be in your favor this week. For those already with partners, Mars in Cancer will fire up your libido and will bring you two closer than ever. If you have an important work decision to make, be sure to look at it from all sides before acting.


Singles, three planets in Gemini will give you exquisite charm and spell-binding charisma. There will be beautiful weeks in the time to come. For those already in relationships, you swing from headaches to great desire with your partner. At the moment, you’ve grown tired, but this will change soon. Professionally, you need all of the connections you can make in order to carry out your work well.


A recent date will make you realize that you crave authenticity in a potential partner more than anything. Sometimes you hit it off with someone and other times you don’t—just be sure not to waste your time. For those already in relationships, you assume that he or she will always be there for you, but don’t take your darling for granted. A week of challenges at work this week will assess your skills and reliability.


Singles, don’t decline any invitation to go out this week. You might miss out on the love of your life if you stay cooped up indoors. As for couples, your partner is a little tired at the moment so don’t blame him or her for lacking energy this week. It will be fleeting. Professionally, a few outstanding projects will keep you busy this week.


You’re captivated by someone new, but aren’t sure if he or she is single. Don’t waste your time on anyone who isn’t available. For those already with partners, you do everything in your power to split your time evenly between your other half and your family. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself, as well. Your boss will also be in a bad mood this week, but this will pass soon.


Singles aren’t afraid to put themselves out there in order to get noticed. It’s good that you’re willing to go after what you want. For those already in relationships, you’re not the type to beat around the bush and want to see if this will end in long-term commitment or marriage. Professionally, you’ll receive support from all sides, which will allow you to move forward in your career.


You have the wind in your sails this week and feel more confident than ever to go after a beautiful person. For couples, you will put in extra time into your relationship this week and it will have positive results. If you’re looking for a job, the duo of Mercury and Uranus will challenge you to find a positive with a financial jackpot.

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