Your Weekly Horoscope for May 13th



Singles, spring is here and it’s the time for renewal. If you’re still feeling disappointed about a past situation, try and remember to not dwell too much and look to the future. For those already in relationships, everything is fine between you two, but a cold period will destabilize the relationship for a bit. Don’t avoid the problem and instead try to clear up the situation calmly. Professionally, a good financial deal is in store, so don’t wait.


You’re feeling down this week. It’s hard to admit, but you’re stuck in a bit of a rut. Tell yourself that you’ll get out of it and there will always be love around the corner. As for couples, there’s a little resentment in the air, and you find yourself speaking without thinking. Don’t fight just to get your way. There will also be a conflict at work this week, but resolution is essential for you to thrive in your career.


Singles, on one hand, you’re feeling better about yourself than ever. On the other hand, your libido is not present and the desire simply isn’t there. Have a great time with your friends and try not to worry too much about love. For those already with partners, try to remember that maintaining true love is hard work. Professionally, you will listen to great advice, but not necessarily heed it.


You will feel fulfilled by your connections this week, but don’t want to rush into a new relationship so soon. You prefer good times with your friends, who will always support you. For those already in relationships, don’t focus on the small, insignificant details and try to lead with your heart. Career-wise, an unexpected offer will fall on you and it’s in your interest to accept.


Singles are well aware that their charm is at an all-time high this week. The main issue is to figure out if you really enjoy someone’s company or not. For couples, you’re in ecstasy at the moment and you couldn’t be happier. Professionally, even if a project or meeting doesn’t come out the way you planned, tell yourself that something else is just waiting for you over the horizon.


You finally trust your own instincts and know your own worth. Now is the time to decide if someone is worth your time or not. They have to earn it. For those already in relationships, your partner proves his or her love for you on a daily basis, but it’s necessary that you reciprocate. Career-wise, your workflow is great this week. All you have to do is keep up the momentum.


There’s the question of whether or not you want to pursue someone who doesn’t seem that interested in you. Consider investing your time in someone who deserves it. As for those already with partners, the atmosphere has been tense, but you have decided to ignore it and continue on as if nothing has happened. Professionally, you’re too tired at the moment to come up with any new ideas.


Singles want to look for love without the fear of their past failures holding them back. It’s very important to assert yourself and put yourself out there. As for couples, „make love, not war“ has always been your motto, so try not to get into small fights with your partner. Sometimes you need to have trust in your co-workers and have faith that they will do their best.


At this moment, and especially this week, you have the feeling that you could conquer the world if you wanted to. Don’t wait for love; go out and find it yourself. For those already with partners, if the love wavers between you two, it’s because you haven’t been putting in enough effort. Professionally, your boss requires more from you this week than usual. Try to put your all into your career.


Singles may have trouble recovering from a dry spell, but if you see potential in a match, move forward without hesitation. As for those already in relationships, if you want everything to go well between you two, you will have to put your pride aside and let the small troubles go. If you’ve been waiting to set up a meeting, this is a good week to do it.


Your charm will bring you many suitors this week and you’ll flirt carelessly with them. You also want to see if any of the matches can last. For those already with partners, you give everything in the relationship without even being asked and hope that your other half will do the same. Professionally, an unexpected development at work will surprise you.


Singles, your kindness and good nature are positive assets, but beware of those who might take advantage of your big heart. As for those already with partners, stop justifying bad behavior in the relationship and voice your opinions before it’s too late. You’ll also have to play diplomat at work this week as it’s the only way you’ll get what you want.


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